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Dance Etiquette (Line & Partner)

Updated: Apr 14

Never step onto the dance floor carrying a drink!

Always walk around the edge of the Dance Floor, never through it.

Only start a different dance/line dance if there is room & you believe it would be acceptable.

If the floor is crowded, take smaller steps.

If possible, start another line rather than join a line that would block outside partner dance lanes.

When starting a line dance, go to the front so others can fall in behind you.

If appropriate, try to leave the outside edge clear for partner dancer and the centre for line & still dances.

Those dancing on the outside have the right of way.

Give Line Dancers room to dance in the centre.

When dancing around the floor, the "line of dance" is always counter clockwise.

When dancing near beginners, be mindful & courteous. Don't be a show off.

Try to be helpful & welcoming to newcomers, visitors & guests.

Never stay on the floor to talk! If music is playing, leave the dance floor to chat.

Remember to give applause to the Live Bands.

Never walk through moving dancers.

Should you bump into someone, it's nice to apologize, whether its your fault or theirs.

Don't be tempted to stop dancing to teach, or teach while on the dance floor. Leave the dance floor to give tips, ONLY if invited.

Finally, keep your head up, keep smiling & ENJOY YOURSELF!

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