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Our Mission

  • Boot Scootin’ Boogie is a not for profit community based Society focussing on meeting individuals needs through physical, mental and emotional health
  • Where everyone knows your NAME.

Our Vision

  • To grow in strength & excellence continuing to become a better version of ourselves each day.

  • To foster a safe place where people of all walks of life feel welcomed & respected

Our Values

  • In a spirit of compassion we work in supportive partnerships and open our hearts to others by affirming their goodness and potential.

  • To treat every Guest with Hospitality and Respect.

  • We provide a safe, comfortable Venue inspiring involvement where people can experience a sense of caring, belonging and purpose. 

  • Providing various means of finding ones self through our Pillars of programming

    • Let’s Eat: This program serves those in need, mainly the homeless population.  (hot lunch program, bagged lunch program, weather appropriate clothing program, guest interaction, volunteers)

    • Let’s Scoot, (Kitchen Program, bar service as funds to pay the overhead, various sources of entertainment for fundraisers, dance lessons and workshops, therapeutic value, low impact dance lessons, high intensity dance lessons, Dance Team that performs for various events, special needs lessons, senior & dementia friendly, Body Groove)

    • Let’s Listen, (live music, comedy, murder mysteries, special events, cultural days, being there for each other)

    • Let’s Learn (guitar lessons, music lessons, cooking workshops, dance workshops, bartending workshops, workshops of any kind welcome - lessons and workshops provided by our own trainers as well as community trainers)

    Within our programming we:

  • Put people first before tasks
  • Provide comfortable surroundings
  • Provide a safe, non-threatening environment        
  • Build and maintain Community connections

Mission, Vision, Values: About

Feedback from our Guests

Mission, Vision, Values: Testimonials
tanya lets eat food_edited.jpg

 Colin - March 2022

Thank you so very very much!  My wife and I are truly blessed by your kindness.  The food donation is amazing and will be well used.  Justin was very nice and respectful.  We will definitely pay it forward when we can.  Bless you, your volunteers, your supporters and everybody else involved.

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